I met Peter almost five years ago when he was my son's teacher. Unsure of the new school and new teacher, I was immediately put at ease by Peter's demonstration of gentleness, kindness and compassionate disposition. Peter became a beloved teacher adored by both students and parents. He created a safe and secure learning environment that addressed his student's holistic needs that resulted in my son making huge academic, social and personal gains.

I am thankful for Peter's genuine compassion and encouragement that transformed my son into a confidant leader and engaged student. The lessons my son learned from Peter years ago are still carried with him today, because Peter leads by example. Peter is a role model I would have custom ordered for my boys; a respectful, charitable, and gracious gentleman. I find just being in his presence, witnessing his passion for living a healthy vibrant life, is contagious and inspirational.

There is no doubt he lives what he believes and inspires positive transformative changes in the youth he leads. Peter is my most trusted resource. I value Peter's expertise because he has a unique ability to see the short-term gains that affect the long term goals. He identifies possibilities I never would have considered. He listens and carefully, considers options best suited to my situation, and shares them without a hint of arrogance or judgment. He is a one of a kind rare treasure.

Tammy Whalen Parent, Special Education Advocate, Pilates Instructor

I think Peter is an awesome person who works really well with kids. He’s mellow and he treats kids like an adult.

Cameron W, Age 13

I first met Peter in graduate school when he and I were both students at Antioch New England Graduate School. Peter and I immediately hit it off and became quick friends. Peter was one of the easiest people to get to know I had ever met. Peter and I discovered that we had a lot in common, both professionally and culturally. The remaining time in school was a great period of becoming great friends and also realizing that we had similar ideas when it came to education and a healthy respect for the environment.

Peter and I stayed friends after graduation, and even had the chance to work together. Already knowing what a compassionate, down to earth, good guy Peter was, I was not surprised at all to see the quick positive impact he had on his students. Peter makes it very clear that he is going to do whatever it takes to do what’s best for the student, and more importantly, the person. Peter is what an educator should be, and he practices what he preaches. He is the real deal.

Jason McCauley Teacher, Parent, Naturalist, Owner

Passionate. Open-minded. Honest. Informed. These are a mere few descriptions that come to mind when I think about Peter Berg. I’ve known Peter in the roles of teacher, mentor, administrator and friend over the past several years. He is the kind of person that makes you feel at ease immediately. He’s a good listener, he gives solid advice and he’s always willing to make time to problem-solve. His commitment to life-long learning and the pursuit of holistic living are admirable. He makes me want to do more and be more just by being in his presence.

I’ve often heard there are two kinds of people in this world: Basement people and balcony people. Basement people are the ones who bring you down; balcony people lift you up. Far and away, Peter is a balcony person. He’s the kind of person we should all be lucky enough to be surrounded by in our lives.

Rebecca Riekert Teacher

There are very few people that have the ability to inspire change as much as Peter Berg. It is hard to match Peter’s impact as a guide and mentor to his coworkers and students that he worked with on a daily basis. He inspires youth and adults to be balanced, healthy and empowered and to be the masters of their own lives. His fingerprint lives on in the conversations and actions of people that have had the pleasure of working alongside such a compassionate and intelligent person.

John Dinger Teacher

Peter Berg was my 6th and 7th grade teacher at an environmentally-based charter school. At the time, this school was brand new. The curriculum, rules and boundaries in general were completely up in the air. It is safe to say, without exaggeration, the children reflected this tenfold in their behavior. Peter’s ability to positively influence the most and still remain sane is inspiring in itself. He was able to somehow play so many roles at the same time: Peter the teacher, Peter the counselor, Peter the friend. He could take any situation, anywhere at any time, and turn it into a classroom. Every moment I spent with Peter over those two years was a learning experience.

Now, in college, I still find myself living by what he taught me. Peter is the only teacher in my life that I can say truly went above and beyond all expectations. He cared about more than just our behavior and our grades. I can still remember countless occasions where students would be making fun of whatever healthy food Peter was eating, and the situation would be turned around into a lesson about different foods and the amazing things they can do for you. Every chance we had, our class would be taken outside so we could be active and happy. I use those side lessons on a daily basis when choosing where to buy my food, what foods to eat and how to maximize my day to stay healthy and active.

I’ve met very few people who not only regularly lead by example, but also pour their heart and soul into something the way Peter Berg does. As a middle school teacher, he was able to touch the lives of dozens of children and their families in so many ways. I will continue to carry his passion for humanity, his patience with children and his dedication to health and wellness with me for the rest of my life.

Rachel Boraca College Student

Peter, being my first teacher at a brand new school, helped me make friends, feel comfortable and adjust to a new school environment. He is very good at listening to your ideas and turning them into achievable goals. He holds everybody to their highest standards, treating students with the utmost respect, while being able to solve conflicts that arose in and out of the classroom with great efficiency and effectiveness. Peter shared his personal life stories, ranging from his days as an EMT, all the way to stories of his youth where he experienced many of the same things us students experience the same, and many of these stories have stuck with me these past few years. He is not just a strong leader, but a supportive friend also.

Casey Age 15

I met Peter (fondly nicknamed by me; MB “Mister Berg”) in 2004. He was a favorite teacher of all students attending the school. The establishment was the perfect setting for his eagerness to develop personal relationships with students and staff, as well as his growing passion for nature and environmental education. I became very close with MB over the years, he was always the most excited for our camping trips and other outdoor recreation. I would argue that there are not many people other than Peter that can make a three-course nourishing meal for 30 students over a campfire without a hitch! I won’t forget the frequent reminder from him that “we are all connected,” rolling my eyes thinking of him saying it every day, but with a smile because of his genuine passion for sharing his experiences and advice. I have nothing but optimistic views on any future endeavors of the impossible riddle-telling, tick-policing, kickball-playing, beloved MB!

Kelly Jordan College Student