Working together with you and your family, we will empower you to take charge of your health and be the master of your own life, without medication, diets or suppressing your inner voice. We will work to help you feel and do your best, making sure you have the knowledge to be healthy and happy. I believe that you should know about your health, how to best care for yourself and know when and if to ask for help from adults.

Do Youth Have a Say?

Young people are often not part of the conversation about what is needed to transform their lives but are expected to have the means to go through life smoothly. Young people need ways to make the transformations that are important to them. They need to have a say in what happens around them and to them. Ultimately, they need to explore and determine ways to advocate for themselves and partner with their family and community to have a healthy vibrant life.

Elevating Your Voice

I’ll help you and your family elevate your voice by listening to what’s already inside you, honoring who you are and discovering ways to have your voice heard.

Remember we all have a need to be heard.

What Stops Youth From Being Healthy?

Many factors have combined to produce an unprecedented youth health crisis: Unhealthy food, technology, too much time indoors, oppressive learning environments, lack of connection with the natural world and a lack of connection something larger than themselves. Today’s youth have are faced with unprecedented health issues from ADD/ADHD and depression to obesity, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and more. Add in a culture that keeps youth at an arms-length with engrained ways of leaving them out of important conversations, and today’s youth are in need of ways to empower themselves to take charge of their own health.

Young people also have the added pressures of standardized testing, high school, college admissions and unhealthy learning environments that suppress their creativity, critical thinking and ability to think for themselves, while damaging their spirit and stifling their curiosity. When all these pressures come together, it can make it difficult for youth to feel connected to their own lives. It’s no wonder youth feel disempowered and disconnected.

Elevating Your Health

I will help you and your family connect with your life so that you have ways to feel balanced and healthy in any situation. We will do this by exploring ways to balance your time and energy and deal with the obstacles to your health so that you can do the things you love in a way that nourishes you and gives you a way to express yourself.

Why Are Youth Targeted?

Corporations spend billions of dollars advertising their products. The food, health, pharmaceutical and technology companies, on average, spend the most on advertising their products. They focus their efforts on youth and parents, knowing that if they can get youth hooked on their products by the age of 18, the chances of them becoming ‘brand loyal customers’ for life increases dramatically. They also count on the ‘nag factor.’ If the youth nags their parent enough for a certain product, the parent will eventually buy it.

A good example of this in the cereal aisle of your local supermarket. Think about where all the sugary, unhealthy cereals are placed. You got it, at the eye level of youth and even young adults. Take a look at the packaging laden with bright colors and cute characters, all of which are designed to appeal to youth and young adults. Certainly, corporations have a right to advertise their products, and it is my belief that youth and parents have a right to be informed about what is actually in the products they are buying, the potential impact they have on health and strategies for choosing healthier options.

Elevating Your Choices

I’ll help you and your family, discover the knowledge you need to make the best choices for your health and life by helping you discover what things best nourish you.