Do I stop going to my doctor or taking medication when I work with you?

No. You do not stop going to your doctor or taking your medication. The coaching is designed to work alongside other medical and health professionals you and your family are currently working with.

Why do I keep going to my doctor and taking medication if I am working with you?

I am not a medical doctor. My programs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition and is not given as medical advice, and thus I recommend before engaging in any diet and/or lifestyle change that you consult with a qualified medical professional.

Do I have to go on a diet when I work with you?

No. We will be looking at what you eat and how it may be affecting you. You may explore eating more nourishing foods, which is not a diet. It’s way of life.

Do I come to you if I want to lose weight?

Health is much more than how much you weigh. We will be looking at food as nourishment and as an ally in your health. Sometimes people do lose weight or inches when they start eating for nourishment and everyone is different. We will also work on healthy body image or what is the best way for you to be healthy.

What do you mean when you use the term ‘Holistic Coaching’?

Holistic Coaching is a way of working with someone that considers every aspect of their life, the whole person.

Do I have to have a parent or guardian’s permission to work with you?

Yes. You do need your parent or guardian’s permission, unless you are 18 years of age or older.

Why does my parent or guardian have to be involved in the coaching?

I believe it is important for your family to be part of the process. We all need help and support and your family is in a great position to provide that to you.

Do you come to my house for coaching?

Sometimes I do come to a person’s home for coaching. It may be one or two visits. It can be very helpful to get a sense of your surroundings. Of course, as with all coaching sessions, your parent or guardian would need to be there. We only do this if everyone – me, you, your parent(s) or guardian(s) – is comfortable with this type of session and it is a reasonable distance to travel to your home.

Can we do coaching online or over the phone?

Yes. I work with many clients worldwide online or over the phone.

Do I need anything special to get started? FAQs

No. All you need is an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to give yourself permission to be healthy, happy and do and feel your best.